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Billy’s World Ireland is a new charity set up to with the purpose of building a wonderful adventure theme park for families of children with special needs and their siblings – a place for the whole family to enjoy, together! This park will serve as recreation, enjoyment, holiday centre, a seminar and network facility to so many families. The park will offer those families so hard pressed with caring for their child, with whatever condition, a chance to have a holiday the entire family can enjoy together. It will also act as an information centre with seminars and lectures on various conditions and syndromes as well as acting as a host for events for many other charities. The man behind this amazing vision is Tony Byrne who lost his son Billy (whom the park is named after) when he passed away on March 24th, 2013, just one week short of his sixth birthday. Billy had been diagnosed with Pallister Killian Syndromme (PKS), a very rare chromosomal disorder at 13 months of age. Billy was one of only three children in Ireland with PKS at the time. Tony and his family had found it nearly impossible to take holidays together as a family as nowhere catered for Billy as well as his siblings. So, with the tragic passing of Billy, Tony has made it his life’s purpose to give other families the opportunity that was denied to him and his family – and so was born the Billy’ World Ireland Project!


What we want to do…

Often when families with special needs children go on holiday, the child is unable to take part in what is going on around them due to the lack of appropriate facilities in many holiday parks. It is difficult for the family to enjoy a holiday while they know the child cannot participate.

This facility will enable families, who have children with special needs, to have a holiday together! It will take some thoughtful planning but at Billy’s World every child will have fun!

Why we want to do it…

Billy Byrne was born with PKS (Pallister Killian Syndrome) a very rare chromosomal disorder with Billy been only one of three children in Ireland with PKS. Sadly, Billy passed away from this condition recently and the Byrne family want to give other families the opportunity they never had.

Billy’s World is a concept and a dream which we will hope to turn into a reality for over 360,000 families who are touched with children with special needs within Ireland.


By helping fund Billy’s World Ireland you are helping so many special needs children with a vast range of conditions as well as their families. At Billy’s World there will not alone be the chance to play and experience so much but also lectures, conferences, support group meetings, networking, information days, workshops, fundraisers for whatever disability conditions and so much more.

Every little bit helps so please support by donating whatever you can as it will mean so much to so many. Let’s give back fun and a childhood to those that deserve it most….
Thank you from The Byrne Family and all at the Billy’s World Project.



Make a donation…

By going to our website at www.billysworldireland.com and going to the donate page or directly to our bank account.
The bank account is now open and can accept donations! The details are as follows:

Name: Billy Byrne National Childrens Charity Ltd
Branch: Baggot Street
Sortcode: 901490
Account No.: 41032033
IBAN: IE18 BOFI 9014 9041 0320 33

Charity Number: 20990

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